Cheeky Reel of the Month

Cheeky FLOTR 3500

By Grant White, Cheeky Fishing

Each month, Boston-based reel manufacturer Cheeky Fishing will highlight the Cheeky Reel best suited for the month’s fishing techniques and styles. For October, the reel of choice is the Cheeky FLOTR 3500.


Fishing the October salmon run is one of the most exciting pursuits the Northeast has to offer. Thousands of New England anglers flock to Great Lake tributaries like the Salmon River in Pulaski, New York, every October for their chance to chase these hefty Chinooks. Anglers that brave the cold and crowds are rewarded with runs of salmon sometimes as large as 200,000 strong. With their blistering runs and aerial displays, catching just one of these fish is an experience to remember. If you’re heading out there this year, make sure you have a fishing reel built to handle it all. That’s why our reel of choice for October is the Cheeky FLOTR 3500. At just 9.9oz, the reel is a breeze to cast, and its PWR Disc Drag will halt even the hardest fighting Chinook.

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