Cheeky Reel of the Month: CYDRO 5500

By Grant White, Cheeky Fishing

Each month, Boston-based reel manufacturer Cheeky Fishing will highlight the Cheeky Reel best suited for the month’s fishing techniques and styles. For August, the reel of choice in Massachusetts is the Cheeky CYDRO 5500.August is here, and with it come the dreaded dog days of summer. While the late summer heat has pushed schools of smaller striped bass north in search of cooler waters, big bass can still be found along coastal Massachusetts.

However, to land one of these lunkers, the committed coastal angler may have to adjust their sleep schedule. Always active when the sun goes down, larger bass become more nocturnal as the summer progresses. At nightfall, they move from their deep daytime pools to shallower inshore feeding grounds. This nightly movement can offer the best opportunity for anglers to land a larger bass in August without going offshore.

Try a topwater plug at dusk to entice a hungry bass below. When you hook up with a bull striper at night, you’ll need a reel that can tame it quickly. That’s why our reel of choice for August is the Cheeky CYDRO 5500. Lightweight and powerful, the CYDRO 5500’s PWR+ Disc Drag will stop a late summer striper in its tracks.

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