Cheeky Reel of the Month: Mojo 425


By Grant White, Cheeky Fishing

Each month, Boston-based reel manufacturer Cheeky Fishing will highlight the Cheeky Reel best suited for the month’s fishing techniques and styles. For June, the reel of choice in Massachusetts is the Cheeky Mojo 425.

For the New England fly angler, June is one of the most looked forward to months of the year. Warming waters and migrating baitfish have pushed schools of striped bass and bluefish north along the coasts of Massachusetts and southern New England. While smaller schoolie stripers made their presence known weeks ago, June often presents the first real opportunity for anglers to land larger bass on the fly. As a result, anglers need a fly reel built to handle it all. That’s why our reel of choice for June is the Cheeky Mojo 425.  Whether you’re sight casting on the flats or chasing a blitz from a center console, the Mojo 425 is built for the coastal angler. Learn more about Cheeky Fishing and the Mojo 425.