Kayak December 2015 Fishing Report


Christmas for Kayak Fisherman
[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ere we are again fat and happy after a huge Thanksgiving Dinner ready to relax but wait Christmas decorations have been out since the day after Halloween. So instead of relaxing and enjoying your Turkey Coma you are out looking for the thing that your kid just can’t live without or figuring out how you are going to top the gift you got your wife last year. Hey what about you the kayak fisherman? Are you going to get forgotten about again this year? I hope not! Here are few things that have come on the market since the fall out door retailer shows just in time for Christmas.

There are a few things that I have found this year that I am putting on my list of cool new stuff for the kayak fisherman. Accent Paddles has rolled out a new paddle in their angler slider series of paddles called the Hero Paddle with 20cm of extension. If you own and fishing kayak that has a high low seat the slider is the way to go. The blade is dihedral which promotes even water displacement. The fiberglass shaft has an inlaid ruler for measuring the big ones and the paddle blade is a fiberglass nylon blend for strength and keeping the paddle light in your hands. The best part of the new Hero paddle is Accent has teamed up with Hero’s on the Water a organization that supports our nations veterans and military personnel and their families to reintegrate into a more positive daily life through kayak fishing. Accent is donating $20.00 from every paddle sale to Hero’s on the Water. What a great way to give back.

The other new thing on the market from a New Zealand company called Railblaza. They have come up with a great way to install a fish finder and transducer to the side of any kayak sans the need to shoot the transducer through the hull. This sounder transducer mounting kit comes with a plate to mount your fish finder and an arm that is designed to put the transducer over the side of your kayak just under the water so you can get the most accurate reading. The transducer arm also has a friction joint so if you are getting shallow you can just kick up the transducer with your had or if you do hit something in the water the arm will move up so you do not ruin your transducer.

This system is designed to work on older kayaks that do not have a rail system or newer kayaks with a rail system. The best set up is a Sideport mount to hold the transducer arm over the side of the kayak and a HD Starport mount to put your fish finder screen in so everything is on deck with you. If you have more than one fishing kayak this set up makes it portable from kayak to kayak or if you are on a road trip to your favorite kayak fishing destination you can keep the expensive electronics looked in the truck or in the hotel room.

This just scratches the surface of all the new cool stuff coming out for the holidays. My number one pick for me is the Hero Paddle as a veteran that’s a no brainer and the design and weight can’t be beat. Hope everyone has a great safe holiday season. See you all next year.