Clam Outdoors Epitomizes Efficiency

I normally write about getting ready for first ice as a December topic, but this year there are so many new and exciting products available that I couldn’t help but write about some of them. Clam Outdoors is a company that preaches mobility and efficiency and it has really put its money where its mouth is with some of the products released this season. In addition to expanding their line-up of shelters, rods, and Ice Armor clothing, Clam has really set the bar high with the addition of new products to their already impressive product line.

With last year’s tragic loss of Ice Team Pro Jim Hudson, Clam put a special focus on safety and introduced a new line of safety-related products. One addition to the Ice Armor family is the new Lift Suit. Clam has combined safety, quality, and comfort by adding buoyant properties to the parka and Quick Drain technology that lets water drain quickly from the bibs. Also new this year is an ice fishing life vest that has fleece lining, extra storage pockets, and a quick-access pocket for ice safety picks. Clam has also added a 50’ floating throw bag. The new line of safety products places a clear emphasis on getting out of the water quickly should you fall through the ice.

Clam has expanded its line-up of portable shelters by adding some new heavyweights. The X1Thermal sports a heavy-duty grey tub making it easier to see objects inside the tub during low-light conditions. The X1 also has 900-denier fabric with full Thermal Trap technology, and a storage hammock under the seat. The Dave Genz Legend Thermal is the original Fish Trap on steroids. With its built-in battery bracket, the new Clam Light Stick, and full Thermal Trap technology, there is little left to do to trick your trap. If hub style shelters are your thing, the Jason Mitchell 5000 Thermal is for you. It is the only five-sided hub shelter on the market, and, like all of Clam’s hub shelters, it sports the largest hubs in the industry. These are just a few of the new shelters released this season. If you thought Clam couldn’t improve upon perfection, you were wrong.

Clam has added ice augers to its product line as well. The new 2.5 horsepower Edge Power Auger is the perfect addition to the already impressive lineup of Clam products. It is available in 8” and 10” models weighing 26 and 30 pounds respectively. If you’re a fan of all the lightweight, battery-powered augers on the market today, then Clam has something for you too. The new ice auger conversion kit lets you attach most 18-volt (or larger) Lithium Ion drills as your power source. The auger conversion kit weighs in at around 14 pounds with the drill attached. The auger operates like a traditional power auger with a two-handle grip and a trigger to actuate the drill. The auger conversion kit will drill up to 700” of ice on a single battery charge with most 18-volt Lithium Ion drills.

Until now, Clam Outdoors has been known for making products that are used above the ice. The new Pro Tackle line includes a full line of tungsten ice jigs that, when paired with their new line of Maki Plastics, are a deadly combination for panfish. The Clam Pro Tackle line also includes spoons, shads, and hook rigs for toothy fish such as pike and musky, or anything else that swims under the ice. Whatever you are fishing for, Clam Outdoors has you covered with its Pro Tackle line.

You might be asking what these new products mean for you. It’s simple: having quality ice fishing gear that makes you safer, more mobile, and more efficient means you will catch more fish. Who doesn’t like that idea? For more information on all of the great products Clam has to offer visit your local ice fishing retailer or

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