Clams for Clean Water Initiative Launches to Restore Old Tampa Bay

Tampa, FL – An innovative environmental restoration project – the Clams for Clean Water Initiative, has been unveiled with the ambitious goal of revitalizing the water quality and habitats of Old Tampa Bay.

Utilizing the natural biofiltration capabilities of bivalves, such as Eastern oysters and quahog clams, the initiative aims to enhance water quality by reducing nitrogen, phosphorus, and other pollutants. Strategically selected pilot sites along key areas, such as the SR 60/Courtney Campbell Causeway, will serve as the focal points for these efforts. This is expected to not only improve water clarity but also facilitate the growth and recovery of crucial seagrass habitats, further stabilizing the shoreline and enhancing biodiversity in the bay.

By demonstrating the effectiveness of natural ecological processes for environmental restoration, the Clams for Clean Water Initiative offers a scalable model for conservation efforts not only in Tampa Bay but potentially in similar ecosystems along Florida’s Coasts.


Empowering Research and Community Engagement

A cornerstone of the Clams for Clean Water Initiative is its comprehensive research component, aimed at understanding the intricate relationships between bivalve filtration, water quality, and habitat improvement. Through applied research and monitoring, the project intends to offer valuable insights into the ecological and societal benefits of shellfish restoration.


Furthermore, the initiative places a strong emphasis on community engagement and education, striving to enhance public awareness of watershed issues and the critical role of bivalves in maintaining ecosystem health. Through targeted outreach efforts, the project seeks to foster a more informed and environmentally conscious community.


About Our Cause

Salt Strong Alliance wants our communities and partners in conservation to see that we are not only passionate about fishing, but we are a true unified force to positively impact and protect our natural resources and fisheries for future generations. We believe in the importance of responsible and sustainable fishing practices, and we want to be a leading example of that in our communities.


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