Clermont Chain of Lakes – Forecast August 2019

August normally serves up regular afternoon thunderstorms along with scorching temperatures, so getting out early and late in the day tends to be the most productive and comfortable. Largemouth bass are typically deep in the brush and in cooler, deeper water. Targeting the fish when cool outside should get more action, but you never know when the big one will bite. You must go to know.

Weedless swim jigs are great to power through the heavy vegetation and get down to the bottom where they are hiding. Work them slowly and methodically, bouncing along the bottom. Cast to a particular area 2-3 times and if no bites, cast to another nearby area and retry the same method. Fan cast the shoreline or weedline near heavy cover during summer months. If no activity, try looking for spots with moving water and/or canal openings. For live bait, wild shiners are great. For artificial options, hollow-body Booyah Frogs with white or yellow bellies at dawn and dusk. Try to bounce the nose up and down with quick and short twitches. Work lily pads and Kissimmee grass areas and keep a close eye on surface activity with these frog baits. In deeper water, try some crankbaits in light and bright colors. For worms, Culprit’s motor oil chartreuse tail in a Texas rig has yielded some nice bass recently. Vary the retrieve with artificial worms and all your swim jigs, senkos, and frog baits until you discover what the bass like.