Clermont Chain of Lakes – Forecast September 2019

Think Summer is over? Not a chance! – September is the most overlooked of the summer months with the last bit of sizzle before things turn to “not summer” here in Central Florida. We’ve had a lot of success with bass in the brush, shady, and deeper waters where things are relatively cooler than other spots. The largemouth bass will lurk where the water temp is slightly cooler and can’t resist a bait near their nose. For soft plastics, productive colors have been June bug, watermelon flake, and motor oil chartreuse. Rig weed less via Texas Rig with heavier tungsten and 4/0-6/0 hooks to keep it low and work it slow. Creatures and craws have been the soft plastics of choice yielding the best results. Topwater action still exists, but early and late in the day only. Hollow body frogs with yellow or white bellies, Zara Spooks in lighter/brighter colors with heavy action to draw the fish up from cover. Don’t be afraid to twitch semi-violently and create a lot of noise with the bait.

We are also coming into snook season on the east coast (west is still catch and release), so be sure to head over early season to get them while the bite is hot – and don’t forget your snook stamp from the FWC if you intend to harvest fish. Port Canaveral and Ponce Inlet are notorious for big snook in early September – so go get some! Live pinfish on heavy weights at/near the inlets are where the big ones are, incoming tide is normally most productive. Sebastian Inlet to the south will see the beginning of the mullet run. One and a half to two-ounce jigs off the south jetty or near the cleaning table will get bit. Try chartreuse, pink, and red/white. Fish on!