Coastal Angler Magazine Costa Rica New Issue Coming Out December/January!

Magazine Re-Launch for December/January Issue

We over at Coastal Angler Magazine: Costa Rica Edition have been hard at work following leads and making calls for good content, advertisements, and editorials for the upcoming re-launch of the magazine in December. We are very excited to become the go-to magazine for the Sport Fishing Industry in Costa Rica and to change things up and really make this a magazine that you would consider paying for, even though that would never be the case, it is and ALWAYS will be FREE! :) I hope you guys are as excited as we are for the magazine to be back on the shelves in your local fishing store/marina/grocery store. We are even hoping to get in the airport, we’ll see how that goes. Thank you for your support, and get ready for an awesome first issue with new committed owners and editors. PURA VIDA!