Coastal Kid: August 2019

My Fishing Adventures

by Christopher Sprague,  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

This month my mom and I went to Uganda with an organization called Sole Hope. Sole Hope’s mission is to offer hope, healthier lives, and freedom from foot related diseases through education, jobs, and medical relief. Although the trip was difficult, it was very rewarding. The Sole Hope staff was welcoming, and the Ugandan kids were so happy to see us. On one of the days we had free time, two of the Sole Hope staff took my friend and I fishing on the Nile River. What an experience! We were in a wooden canoe and had to paddle through strong currents and wind to get to our spot. The canoe had a hole in the bottom of it so that water would fill the bottom and create a livewell. We handlined with water bottles or sticks being the grip. We used baby tilapia, catfish, and very odd looking elephant fish as bait. We had one Nile perch on, but it came off the hook before we could get it to the boat. We had no luck and had to go in because it was getting late. We got a good work out paddling back against the current to shore, but we made it!  Later that night, we went out again and caught two Nile perch. Apparently fishing in the evening is more successful. They were cooked with the skin and head still on.  It tasted good and was not much different than ocean fish. We had fun and it was a great experience. Thank you to everyone who supported us!