Coastal Kid: Sept. 2019

My Fishing Adventures

By Christopher Sprague,  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

Hello Anglers,

I hope you all have been fishing a lot. We went to the Bahamas this month! We stayed at Old Bahama Bay at the West End for 3 days. While we were driving over, we saw a flock of birds about 30 miles out. We stopped and threw a cedar plug and a ballyhoo out. Within 5 minutes we found the school of fish, both rigs got hit and we had 2 fish on! My friend Jordan took one rod and I took the other. I let him get his fish in first, so we didn’t get tangled. We both got our fish in and saw that they were 2 small blackfin tuna. We got enough for one meal because we knew we were going to get a lot of fish the next few days. Once we were cleared through customs, we got our room situated and then my friend and I went snorkeling. We saw many fish including eels, turtles, and other weird looking fish. The next day we decided to deep drop around 15 miles off West End. On our first drop, once we hit the bottom, we got a fish on! Since it was around 800 feet deep, we had an electric reel to do the work for us. Even with it, reeling at full speed, it took a little over 5 minutes to get a few yellow-eye snapper in the boat. We repeated this for the next few hours, hoping to get a queen snapper. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the queen snapper that we wanted and started to head back to our hotel because big storms were coming. We had an amazing dinner that night of fresh yellow eye snapper. The next day we tried to catch conch near an island with stingrays that swam right up to you. We only got 3 conchs, so we headed into the island with the stingrays to have lunch. After we ate, we watched the stingrays for a little bit and decided to look for a wreck that we could snorkel. After 30 minutes of searching, we finally found the wreck that was loaded with fish. We snorkeled there for a while and then headed back in and cooked up the conch and some fish. Sadly, that was our last day, so we had to go back home. We had a great time in the Bahamas and saw many cool things.

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