Coastal Kids: Feb. 2020


Not a monster but a lot of fun catching bass in local canals.

My Fishing Adventures

By Christopher Sprague  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

Hello Anglers,

Lately I have not been fishing that much due to having a lot of schoolwork and being very busy. The one day that I was fortunate enough to go, I decided to go bass fishing with my dad. We had heard that the bass bite was good now because of the colder weather.  My dad and I took the golf cart out in the neighborhood and tried for some bass. My dad was using a spinner bait, his favorite kind of lure, and I was using a Senko with a weedless rig since it is my favorite. We then went to the best canal in the neighborhood. We casted our lines a few times, but nothing. We tried a few other lakes but had the same result. We decided to finish off at this one spot where my dad really likes to go. I made a few casts out, before seeing an otter, which is usually not a good sign since they eat and scare all the big fish away. I continued casting my line out and then FINALLY, a bite!  It fought quite hard too. I was reeling and reeling, until I finally got it to the shore where I got a quick picture and then released it. This was the only fish that we were able to catch. It turned out to be a fun day with the family and I hope to have many more days like this.

Fish Hard!

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