Coastal Kids Fishing Report: March 2019

by Christopher Sprague, Contributing Writer

Hello Anglers,
I can’t wait for the tournaments to begin! It has been too long, but luckily, they are going to begin soon. Since the tournaments have not yet begun, I have been bass fishing quite a bit. I have been using a bait that a bass pro Mark aka “High Tower” recommended. I have been catching many big bass on this lure. It has been my favorite lure. It is a normal dark green and white swimbait. Recently, I went fishing for thirty minutes and caught 2 nice bass in our neighborhood canals.

Nice fish!
Nice fish!

The first bass that I caught was within 5 minutes of first starting. It had hit the bait twice. The first time it hit, it bit right after I cast my bait and hit the water. I didn’t even realize it had hit, so I didn’t have time to set up the hook. Because of that, I lost the bass at the shore. Within the next 5 casts, it hit again, and I got him this time! I reeled it in slowly, letting it run when it decided to, and I pulled it on shore. It was a decent size bass that was about 2 pounds, which isn’t bad for our canals. I later moved spots and caught another bass, but smaller. I have a lot of fun bass fishing, especially when the bite is on! I plan to fish a lot this year both freshwater and saltwater.
Tight Lines
Junior Angler, Christopher Sprague

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