Coastal Kids: Jan. 2020

My Fishing Adventures

By Christopher Sprague  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

This past month has been quite fun for me. We got to go out on the boat 2 times and got to go to Tennessee over Thanksgiving break. On both of our fishing trips, we decided to go and look for dolphin. The first time that we went was super fun because we got around 3 dolphin. We got the dolphin when my dad and I turned the Garmin radar on and were searching for birds. While we were searching for birds, I happened to look away from the radar screen and saw a huge piece of bamboo floating. This bamboo that was floating was around 10 foot long and had barnacles all over it since it had been in the water for a long time. We then set our baits out and trolled around the bamboo with ballyhoo and squid. In less than 2 minutes we heard the reel scream and we were on! I quickly grabbed the rod and started reeling the dolphin in. It was a really fun fight because the dolphin, although it was not that big, had a lot of energy and fought hard and jumped so many times. Once we had gotten that one in the boat, we immediately set our lines out again and waited a very short period of time before we got the next 2. After the 3 dolphin, we decided that we did not need any more dolphin. Earlier when we first passed by the bamboo, we had seen a huge tripletail. Tripletail are very picky eaters. We needed live bait or possibly an artificial lure but had only brought a couple of dolphin rods. When we got close to the fish, it darted away and we could not find it again. Oh well, we were not disappointed though since we had had a fun time and caught a few dolphin for dinner.

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