Coastal Kids: March 2017

by Christopher SpragueJr. Angler – Team Tuppens

Deep Dropping fishing with the crew from Tuppens Marine | Photo courtesy of Christopher Sprague

Hello everybody! I have not gone fishing a lot, but I did go once. I fished with some of the Tuppen’s store clerks and mangers. We decided to go deep sea fishing and also deep drop near Boca Raton. We were trying to get golden tilefish, but we didn’t sadly. We went out about 750 feet and dropped our first line down. We didn’t wait long until we saw our first pull on the reel. We waited a little longer, and then we put the lever to automatically reel it in. A few excruciatingly impatient moments later we saw color. We reeled some more and it was 2 Rosies (black belly rosefish!) We then decided to go back where we dropped the bait and we dropped again. This time when we hit bottom there was no hit sadly, so we decided to reel up and re-bait. We then went to another spot. This time we dropped a few times and caught a total of 15 Rosies. Rosies are a very small fish but the meat is so good. We took a few home and put some butter, garlic and basil on them and broiled them. We had one of the best meals ever that night.


Tight Lines!

Christopher Sprague

Jr. Angler “Team Tuppen’s”