Coastal Kids: May 2017

by Christopher SpragueJr. Angler – Team Tuppens


Hello Anglers,

Our tournament season is just getting under way, and I hope to have some great stories for you all soon. We have been busy getting all new line on our reels, making rigs and packing our gear. My Dad and I have made a really cool rigging station. I spin the wire to a swivel and he does the hook. We also have a T.V. close by, so we can watch Wicked Tuna while we make rigs!

Looking forward to tournament fishing!! Coming soon! | Photo courtesy of Christopher Sprague

We have not been in the Ocean fishing for a while. However, this last weekend we took a 4 wheeler out to the Northern edge of the Everglades.  The wild life is amazing!  There were so many animals- it was very cool!! The ride was a little bumpy, but right now where we live is extremely dry and almost like a beach without water. We went almost a mile out, spotting all sorts of animal tracks.  We could see wild boar marks. They leave marks like a giant hole in the ground dug by a mole. We also saw 2 deer and got so close that we could see its muscles as it was running.  They blend in so well, when they are in the bushes you can’t see them. It was so fun exploring!

Tight Lines!

Christopher Sprague

Jr. Angler “Team Tuppen’s”