Coastal Kids: Nov. 2019

By Christopher Sprague  Jr. Angler-Team Tuppens, Contributing Writer

Hello Anglers,

We have been doing a lot of Bahama trips lately to help with hurricane relief. We have been collecting donations for the Bahamas that were devastated by the hurricane. Several weeks ago, we woke up early to get the boat loaded with donations. We set up two trailers full of donations at the Palm Beach Yacht Center, so we could quickly load the boats and start crossing to the Bahamas. We went with a group of boats, including our whole Team Tuppen’s crew to aid in the hurricane relief. It was amazing how many people and boats were willing to cross over with us. We crossed the 60 miles to get to West End. Once we got there, we offloaded our supplies and dispersed them out to the village. The Bahamians were so happy! We gave out generators, food, clothes, tools, tarps, and many other items that we thought would aid them the most. We headed back home and all in all, the trip only took around 6 hours. We did this a few more times but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go because of school. We also fished the Chase’N Tailz tournament. We didn’t catch many kingfish, but we were very happy that we supported them and had a great time.

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