Cold, Cold, Cold!

By Wayne Nichols

Florida actually had a winter this year, well a week of it anyway.  Hunting season has pretty much wound down now, so we’re gearing up for spring gobbler and continuing our night time thermal hunts.  With lower temps, an extra layer of clothes is recommended; even our Canadian hunters are adding clothes lol.  With cooler temperatures, there have been no shortage of hogs and other varmits out to choose from.  We’re averaging seeing 75-100 hogs a night!  Hunters are having an absolute blast!  Average hunts start around 7pm and we’re usually done between 10pm and 12AM, with every hunter killing several hogs each. This an extremely fun hunt for any level of hunter experience.  We supply all weapons and ammunition for these hunts and quarter game for you.  All you need to bring is a cooler for your meat and whatever you want to drink.  This is a trip enjoyed by solo hunters, friends, and families.  Mostly utilizing side-by-sides or swamp buggies for transportation in and out of the fields and farms.  Feel free to contact us anytime for all the details or to book your hunt!  Y’all stay safe out there.

For questions or advice, I can be reached at [email protected], through our website  on Facebook- Red Eye Safaris, and by phone, (863) 990-7650.