Constant Yellowfins, Dorado and Massive Marlin

Yellowfins, Dorado and a Massive Marlin

The action in Northwest Costa Rica is outstanding. All five boats of our boats were on the water in January, with 83 trips logged for the month. Yellowfin tuna and dorado are a constant this time of year, but the team also fought a bunch of massive marlin.

We released nine blue marlin, 11 striped marlin, three black marlin and 78 sailfish. We also melted a lot of ice with 256 dorado and 158 yellowfin tuna.

The 32-foot Harvester was deep in the battle on Jan. 14, as client Kevin Poindexter battled a sweet blue marlin. The marlin was the headliner, but it was supported by an excellent sailfish release. They rounded out the day with a dorado and a yellowfin. Good thing, because it’s easy to work up a big appetite when catching all day long!

The Adventurer is a 23-foot panga with the fishing tool of a boat twice her size and a bad attitude to match. This year we have added a bottom machine, tuna tube and outriggers.

Jeff Capen made history on Jan. 15 with the second-ever marlin release on the panga. A blue marlin release is a magnificent achievement on any boat, let alone the sneaky 23-foot switchblade. It’s proof you don’t need a big boat to catch big fish in Costa Rica!

FishingNosara hall-of-famer and northeast FishingNosara representative Mark Cooney pulled off an amazing fishing feat with Capt. David on Jan. 18. What, you’ve never released a sailfish on a 23-foot panga with a tiller-steered motor?

Legendary Texas angler Jerome McKown added to his record on Jan. 27 with a gaggle of sailfish releases with Capt. Carlos of the 32-foot Discoverer. Great work by Mate Kevin to safely wrangle and release these monsters.

Of course these boys weren’t going hungry, thanks to a half-dozen excellent dorado scores.

The flagship Wanderer is celebrating her 10th year of fishing in these waters, and one must marvel at the man who has commanded her from Day 1. It is no exaggeration that Capt. William and the Wanderer ran more trips last year than any boat in all of Central America.

FishingNosara hall-of-famers Catherine Chase and Ron LaGro added to their legend on Jan. 19 with Capta. William. A striped marlin led off a great day of action. After Catherine’s release, Ron added a sailfish release. They rounded out the morning with a nice stack of dorado filets.

This report barely scratches the surface of the blistering-hot action in Nosara. Remember, you can always check the FishingNosara Blog for daily catch updates. If you have been reading this report for a while and waiting for the right time to visit, stop wishing and come fishing!

By Craig Sutton

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