Costa Rica FAD Fishing Forecast September and October

Costa Rica FAD Fishing Forecast September and October

As we predicted in the last issue, FAD fishing for Blue Marlin has been off the charts.  This is the best fishing in the world for Blue Marlin, and it will continue through mid-October.  Conditions have been excellent with flat water and gentle winds being the rule.


What is a FAD?  For the “Full Monte” check:

These FADs occupy a fixed location and attach to the sea bottom using a weight such as a concrete block.  Every good Captain has “the numbers”. The anchor has a float attached with a steel cable that can be several thousand feet long, and topped with an attractant such as fabric sheets suspended below the surface.  No fish has ever explained the attraction to me personally, but everyone has a theory.  See the “Wiki” article.

A number of these devices have been placed on sea mounts off our West Coast.  With the top of the FAD about 50’ from the surface, large schools of small Yellow Fin and Bonita are very common meaning available live bait are all around.  More work, but more productive, the best results are with live bait for Blue Marlin.

These trips are almost always over at least one night, so it is important to use a quality operator, and ask lots of questions.  After dark, many nights include small fish are attracted to any light source, and some guys have used spinning reels for a little added fun.

Good luck, and tight lines.
Larry Drivon
Maverick Yachts Costa Rica