Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report December 2015

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report December 2015

December has arrived to the Peninsula de Nicoya bringing good fishing conditions, especially from a kayak. Offshore winds and small waves allowed sardine schools to get close to the beach, coming with lots of Jacks, big snappers, roosters and snook.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report
Beautiful snook caught about 400 meters off Playa Santa Teresa.

No more deep jigging when the wind is offshore, but trolling inshore and live bait fishing is producing the best results. Early December was very fun for Sea Kayak Adventures catching big fish constantly! We started with a giant roquero snapper taking a whole bullet tuna and running into the rocks. We finally got him to come out and landed him after 30 minutes. Mid December was slow for top water action, trolling was more efficient and some big fish were very hungry because most of the small fish caught were bitten on the way to the kayak.

December 6th was one day we will remember for a while. Martin Peterson (owner and guide at Sea Kayak Adventures) hooked on the Mal Pais Monster once again, this time using a live Jack as bait and ready with 80-pound line and a strong rod. After over one-hour of battling this monster, his arms were “feeling like jelly” and Martin finally got this giant nurse shark a couple meters close to the kayak to enjoy the beauty and power of such a big fish. It was easily over 6 feet, maybe even 7 feet (weight approximately over 200 pound). Our kayaks are 14 feet and can hold around 500 pound, but this monster was too big and Martin exclaimed, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!” After some good pictures, the fish was released to keep growing.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing Report
Pretty big nurse shark caught from a 14 foot kayak.

Late December is always the best time of the year and December 21st was the day to go. Lots of fish only 400 meters off the beach made for another successful sunset live bait fishing session on the kayak bringing over 10 different species. That day we caught some snapper, a Sierra mackeral, Jacks, lady fish, moon fish, 5 different seabass, a catfish, a hammerhead shark and finally a 20 pound snook for dinner.

From Sea Kayak Adventures we wish everybody a Merry Christmas, a very happy New Year and lots of tight lines in 2016.

Pura Vida,

Pablo Hein

Sea Kayak Adventures

Santa Teresa Costa Rica