Costa Rica Kayak Fishing: The Past, Present and Future

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing: The Past, Present and Future

For thousands of years, fishing has been practiced with a myriad of techniques both on and off shore. Until the arrival of boat engines, all of a fisherman’s capabilities depended solely upon their physical ability and experience. Throughout history, in all parts of the world, fishermen have used paddle boats for fishing. Basically, kayak fishing is at the very roots of fishing in the sea. In Costa Rica kayak fishing has been practiced since before colonization, but had a great period of recess with the beginning of the fishing industry. This time period allowed fishermen to catch greater numbers of fish with a much lower work load. Still, in some fishing villages, one can hear the stories of 50 years ago when fishing in Costa Rica was “Se hacia a puro canalete, mae!!” which basically means “It was pure paddling, dude!” Now with modern kayak technology and sustainable fisheries we are able to move back to our Costa Rican roots.

Today in the 21st Century, technology has restored life back into kayak fishing. These vessels are now more accessible and functional than ever! And thanks to conservation efforts throughout Costa Rica, we can still enjoy excellent fishing! With all the different options kayaks present, there is no way to find an excuse not to enjoy the beauty of the sea. Kayaks can provide the best possible fishing experience to both men and women, adults and children. These kinds of adventures allow the whole family to enjoy the beauty of nature together so everyone can learn to conserve the environment.

Costa Rica Kayak Fishing
Family enjoying a day of kayak fishing off Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

In subsequent editions, we will talk more about different kayak fishing techniques, equipment and much more!

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