Costa Rica Surf Report December and January 2016

Costa Rica Surf Report and Forecast December 2015 and January 2016

It’s summer time! At least, as of mid-December, it is summer time here on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica! The rain has gone away, the sun doth shine and the area is full of travelers visiting our fine country. Some of us love these months and others miss the big swells that winter time offers. What the summer time months offer is consistency and glassy waves. The wind doesn’t come up in the afternoons as often, the water is clean and the waves usually don’t vary that much in size. For those of us that find ourselves pretty much always checking Playa Jaco during the winter months, we can now consider stronger wave beaches like Play Hermosa and Esterillos. Jaco can often become close to a lake, so take the opportunity to get in your car or grab a ride to a different break. We don’t see much bigger than 4 feet come in over these months, so get out and practice as much as you can on different waves. Once you get Hermosa figured out, it is a great wave to advance your surfing skills. Remember! Go for the peak!

Costa Rica surf report
Playa Jaco looking glassy during the Costa Rica summer time! (Photo courtesy of Nestor Rago)

For the intermediate to advanced surfer, sometimes it is a road trip to the Caribbean side or up north to find the size you want, but chasing waves is never a bad thing. Wherever you end up, the summer time is fun and most people like to visit during these months for these waves. If you are a traveler, book accommodations ahead of time, as it is busy from New Year’s right through to Spring Break. Make sure you bring a rash guard with an SPF 50 and have a decent sunscreen that is going to last you a few hours in the water. Trust me, a two hour session will fly by! If it is your first time to Costa, or if you have friends coming for the first time, take a lesson. It’s the perfect time to do so, and how can you not come here and at least catch one wave?


Tina Wallace

Del Mar Surf Camp