Costa Rica Surfing Dream Team are the World Champions

The best team piece by piece, or “dream team” that Costa Rica surfing has gathered today gave the country its first title to be won on the beach waves Popoyo of Rivas, Nicaragua.

In June, during the penultimate round of the World, the day was magical for the amount of heats in block progress was made over the victory of the gold medal in the Aloha Cup, today was a day of fulfillment for the title after Carlos Muñoz, Leilani and Noe Mar McGonagle continue rising until it reached the end of Pavones brothers.

The first medal of the day was left to Leilani McGonagle than a work of art in his climb up the playoffs that fell three days ago, claimed his surfing to be in the final and that his third medal in world, only this instead, the money that gave his country was the largest category with only 15 years old.

Thus, a heat later, the opportunity to come Noe Mar McGonagle was the only Tico did not use the option of the playoffs to reach a final that not only won, but devastated, after scoring the highest wave of the event 9.93, combined with a 8.33 and thus put the three rivals to change not only a wave, but two, impossible task delegated by Noah surfieó Sea that perhaps the best heat of his career.

Being an Olympic game court, where the title depends on the positioning of each athlete in individual tables, Noe Mar created his summation in the final and, after that, did his best for the Australian, Shame Holmes, ran us good heat, as the Australians on paper, threatened the championship of the Ticos.

Costa Rica’s Dream Team: The 2015 World Champions. Photo by Alfredo Barquero.
Costa Rica’s Dream Team: The 2015 World Champions.
Photo by Alfredo Barquero.

However, Noe Mar McGonagle, as the first World Open Champion in the history of surfing by Costa Rica, had just waited for the time to hold a final beat Holmes, the Argentine Leandro Usuna and portuguez Nicolaz Von Rupp.

“Thank God for sending the good waves, this was a work of many years in family. Without all this amazing bar Ticos who was on the beach and the support from Costa Rica, this would not have been possible. This is for you Costa Rica, will take home the medal, “said Noe So Ticos, of the four possible gold medals, was three and one in silver lead after winning the Aloha Cup, Gold Medal at the Open, Silver Medal in the women’s and team gold medal of the 27 they appeared in Nicaragua.

Costa Rica achieved with this being first in the table with a final score of 3,468 points, followed by Portugal that ended second with 2,980, US third and fourth with 2,919 points with 2,913 Peru. These four countries are Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper were taken.

Final team standings (Top 10 -of 27-)
1. Costa Rica – 3,468 pts (Gold).
2. Portugal – 2980 (Silver)
3. United States – 2,919 (Bronze)
4. Peru – 2,913 (Copper)