Creating His Own Legacy

His family tree is robust, an jackpot.  Landmarks of his lineage are scattered throughout Pinellas County.  In 1878, Thomas Albert Whitted moved to Pinellas County. He was a representative of the St. Petersburg Town Counsel and responsible for spearheading the creation of the first public school.   The name Whitted may sound familiar to residents of Pinellas county.  The son of Thomas, James “Albert” Whitted, was a naval aviator–later to become renowned for the growth of aviation.  There are many familiar landmarks that are a tribute to his contributions.  The Albert Whitted Airport, the Albert Whitted Park and the Albert Whitted Airport Preservation Society.

Albert’s wife had a legacy of her own.  Her maiden name was Julia Phillips, daughter of Zephaniah Phillips.   Zephaniah was a Civil War veteran, an inventor with numerous patents and a wagon maker.  He is best known for building the first house on Long Key, which we now know as Pass-A-Grille. The original home still stands today.

Eric Whitted, a descendant of these well-known pioneers, is carving out his own legacy.  His love for nature and fishing were passed down from his grandfather.  He has fished all his life, splitting time between Pinellas County (his home) and an island on the Nature Coast owned by his family.  He started fishing from a canoe until he found his true calling. Four years ago, he started to make fishing an integral part of his life.  What sets him apart from other anglers is that his trophy catches are either caught from land or wade fishing.

Eric is a college graduate with a degree in business.  It did not take long for him to figure out the nuances of social media.  His fishing photographs speak for themselves.  Using fishing sites to his benefit, Eric has been sought after by numerous fishing sponsors.  He recently added a slam tournament win to his ever-growing resume.  He has no ambition of owning a boat, nor becoming a charter captain.  He is happy doing things his own way and “creating his own legacy.”

A special thanks to Eric Whitted:  Instagram @snookin727.