Crystal River

Crystal River

Hello from Crystal River. I know I’m enjoying the cooler days and great fishing.

The trout fishing has been really good, and will only continue to get better as we finish up this year, going into the first of next year. This time of year, the tides are a little lower, and honestly, that’s when I like to target trout. When targeting them, I look for good hard bottom areas on low water. As far as baits, I mostly use artificial, popping corks with a 1/16 oz jig tipped with a plastic, a DOA jerk bait. As to color, I use a couple different ones. As the tide comes and it gets deeper, I keep going East to find shallow water.

The redfish bite has been great and like the trout, I live the lower tides this time of year. With the lower tides, most boaters don’t run around where we fish, because it’s so shallow, which makes the fishing great. They don’t get pressured as much also. When the temps get cool this time year, I look for areas that have good hard bottom, areas that have some mud or right to the roots. All these areas hold heat, and that’s what they seek. My baits of choice is a light jig, tipped with a small shrimp or a little Jon.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a great start to 2021.

Give me a call to get on some fish.
Capt. James Kerr