Dad’s Old Tackle Box

by Dick Braun

I was able to pick up a couple of reels, one of which I’m pretty sure is a prototype of a Handicap reel based on a Zebco model 154.  See the pictures of the reel Now the big trick is to find a rod that it will work on so I can demo the outfit.  In past articles I’ve talked about the different vintage tackle shows and where you can hunt for the same.  The rods, reels, lures and combos of each.  This month I thought I’d talk and show some of the other collectible fishing related items you can keep an eye out for. Let’s see, we’re going to need some line for the reel, how about some Silk Braid, or Dacron braid or Monofilament braid, or Fluorescent mono.  Then we better have a line dryer for the Silk line or it will rot.  How about fish hooks for the end of the line, sounds like a plan, let’s see.  We can find pflueger kirby Fred Arbogast trailer hooks, tiny Mustad Fly fishing hooks or Mustad Viking hooks, Eagle Claw hooks or Single or Dual or Treble hooks from tiny to super large for shark.  Now we have Rod/Reel/Line & Hooks!  What else? Maybe a fish scale to see how big the catch is.  A Langley or Zebco, a German 25 Kilo Brass Scale, Fisherman’s Pal Scale, Vintage Salter 30lb scale from England or a Chicago Spring & Balance 20lb and don’t forget a Danco #56.  Don’t forget a Net to land your fish in.  A trout net, handmade net and wood handle, a brass/copper folding net, a floating weighted net to keep your catch fresh, and a Drop Down Bridge net.

If it has to do with fishing someone out there is collecting it, and all of this and more will be on display and for sale at the FATC Daytona Show coming up 22-24 Feb in Daytona Beach Fl.  350 8ft tables full of Vintage items all out of Dad’s old Tackle Box. Until next month, Dick Braun, FATC, 941-661-7187