Interview with Daniel Diez

Coastal Angler Magazine recently caught up with Daniel Diez, a/k/a DJ Dan Decibel, who lives in Miami and fishes the backcountry waters of the Everglades and the crystal clear waters of Biscayne Bay in his kayak. Diez, a noted photographer and videographer sat down with us for a brief interview.


Name: Daniel Diez

Born in Cuba raised in Miami.

Age: 24

Years Fishing:
Since I can remember. I’ve been fishing all my life.

Preferred Rig:
8 weight TFO Bvk Fly rod and Nautilus Fwx combo

Favorite Fishing Spot:
Everglades National Park and my home waters of Biscayne Bay.

Most Memorable Catch:
My first redfish on fly. It was a thrill hooking and catching it. I couldn’t help but scream and celebrate as I felt the power of the redfish peeling drag off my fly rod. It was definitely an experience since I had been chasing redfish on fly for a while before I actually caught one.

What Makes Fly Fishing Unique:
Because it is a challenge. You have to put in your time and effort. I say that because it is not just the catching, but also the actual casting to the fish. Fishing on a kayak make it that much more difficult because there is no one to pole you to the fish. You have to do everything yourself and taming the fly line is a nightmare at times.

How he Developed his Style:
Through trial and error. I practiced every chance I got. I have change a lot of my ways since I first started. I realized casting differently was more effective than the way that I had previously done it. I developed my own style because I was never given a fly casting lesson. It’s all about practice!

Fishing Role Models:
My Father and Grandfather because if it wasn’t for them I probably wouldn’t have started fishing in the first place. I am so thankful that they introduced me to fishing. Another role model is Chris “Tex” Lewis of Skinny Water Culture. He is the reason I started to Fly Fishing in the first place.

Dream Fishing Trip:
It would have been fishing with Jose Wejebe in the Florida Keys on a glass calm morning chasing down tailing permit and bonefish on fly.

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