Dauphin Island Fishing Report: Sept. 2014

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hat time is it? Its trout transition time… well almost, we are very close to it. As the weather begins to cool, the trout will begin their migration and will move up the bay out of the lower bay and into the marsh areas and deeper river systems like the Mobile River Delta, Fowl and Dog Rivers and all points in between where they will winter. Although it is not cool by any means the trout follow the bait and their instincts. I will continue to use live shrimp under a popping cork in the shallow waters, and in the deeper areas I will still float one under a slip cork to find the fish as well.

Once you locate fish, a plastic shrimp imitation will work well. Also, another great way to catch trout and redfish is to look for diving birds and ease or drift into them casting toward the divers. Be as quiet as you can, avoid too much hull slap, loud feet on the deck, turn the radio off, keep and noise to a minimum! These fish are fattening up for winter and gorge themselves on these little fat minnows and shrimp so fish what they are feeding on, a Yo-Zuri Crystal shrimp, a Vudu shrimp or Vudu mullet will work well here as will other imitations. Redfish will be in their usual spots too, over oyster beds and shell beds and along the points of rivers and around streams that dump into the larger bodies of water; salinity and water temps don’t affect the reds like it will the trout.

Flounder will start their migration from the rivers and channels down the bay as they head offshore to deeper water for the winter. Target points, structure and deeper channels with a finger mullet or bull minnow fished on the bottom you can also fish with a live shrimp or shrimp imitation or a swim type mullet bait fished on a lead jig head in either a pearl or chartreuse color bumped along the bottom; make sure to fish your baits on the bottom, its one big key to flounder fishing. The triple tail or blackfish will be here until the water cools, look for floating debris as they will float along under it.

We have openings still available for the fall so give us a call and lets go fishing!

Until next month, Tight Lines and Good Fishing!