Dauphin Island/Mobile Bay Forecast

The cold weather is here and the fishing is hot! This is the best time of year to fish.

The fish are working the birds in just about every usual place and the fish will respond to just about anything you throw. It’s INCREDIBLE!

Top water, grubs, live shrimp, etc. This is where knowing how to position yourself the right way to stay on top of the fish is IMPORTANT. Stay out of the middle of the fish, they are moving around. Many different colors work and most baits the connection is the fish are adding weight for the dead of winter. Look for schooling red fish on your shallow to deep drop offshore. Popping corks are
good out on various flats. Grubs in the rivers. Top water everywhere. Be sure to check out the winter specials on fishing trips this winter. This time of year it’s very crowded on the causeway, so give
everyone some common COURTESY.

Be safe with screaming drags and full coolers.