[dropcap]M[/dropcap]erry Christmas Anglers! The fishing is still good.  If the weather gets cold, the fish will be in deeper water and deep holes. If the weather stays mild, (warm: 65 degree days / 45degree nights), the fish will continue on the pattern they are on now, being every place they can be ambushing food.  Mouths of rivers, flats with current, and hard bottom they seem to be feeding on everything, but they want something different. So just keep trying everything. You will find something they want and usually it’s a lot of it (grubs, topwater, live shrimp, rattletraps, etc….). We have been catching them on everything. This time of year is the most exciting because you never know what you will catch. Example: We caught some flounder on topwater in 4′ of water on a flat. Never would have thought that. Got to love the variety. Mix it up and don’t get 1 dimensional. Tight lines and screaming drags.