December Potomac River Fishing Forecast

By Thomas Raines

With cold temperatures becoming the norm we can expect to see the river change a good bit throughout the month. The most productive and consistent bite this time of year will be catfish, particularly the invasive blue cats. These fish can be found during the colder months suspended when heavily feeding, or hugging the bottom other times. Cut bait will always produce good sized catfish any time of year but this is a great time to have some fun with some bigger class fish. The bass fishing will continue to slow down throughout the month. Anglers will likely still be finding bass near warm water discharges using a variety of baitfish imitations. December is also a very dangerous month on the river. We could see ice begin to form this month in some places along the river so extra caution will need to be taken if you decide to make that last frostbite trip on the river this December!