Dexter UR-Cut Fillet Knife

A slippery knife can make filleting fish a difficult chore. Dexter UR-Cut Fillet knives were designed to eliminate this problem while providing comfort and control by custom molding the grip to a user’s hand.

Coastal Angler put Dexter’s design to the test at the docks with a cooler full of sheepshead, which is known to be difficult to clean.

The customization involves boiling the handle before dipping it in cold water and gripping it tightly so the owner’s grip is impressed on the handle. With attention to thumb position during the process, we were able to customize the grip to the exact position our fillet men prefer. It took just a few minutes, and the result was a well-balanced tool that felt secure and comfortable in the hand.

Then we took our blades to the cutting table. Dexters are known for maintaining a super-sharp edge and having just the right amount of flexibility. Past experience has taught us they are also easy to sharpen. We were not surprised to find the blade on our new UR-Cut knives performed flawlessly working along spines and ribcages.

Our hands and the table were coated in slime, and this is where the UR-Cut showed why it is more than just a good knife. We intentionally created a slippery situation by not washing down, and the non-slip properties of the custom handle performed as advertised.

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