This time of year is often filled with festivals, tournaments, and events that bring families together. Time around campfires, snuggled up sharing stories takes us away from our hectic lives. Those who live or vacation near waterways can tap into the same experience through underwater lighting. Gathering family and friends around a bright, green light underwater provides the similar experience of a campfire. Watching as fish of all sizes feed on krill near the light can be relaxing and mesmerizing.

Creating spaces by dockscaping is becoming more and more popular for those who live along the coast. Lighting docks and the waters near docks with LED lights provides homeowners with more options than ever before. Underwater and Overwater lights can be incorporated into a current dock design. Underwater Green Fishing Lights is a company located on the Gulf Coast that specializes in dockscaping. Their American made lighting products offer the latest technology with the brightest lights on the market. Customers rave about UWGFL’s systems that provide hours and hours of enjoyment with their families. Grandkids are flocking to the docks to watch the fish swarm the enticing lights in the water. Their customers’ fishing lines are busy hauling up a great catch thanks to Underwater Green Fishing Lights’ systems. No matter the dock design, the specialists and designers can create a customized lighting solution.

Underwater Green Fishing Lights is an innovative company that is focused on providing their customer with the best underwater and overwater lights on the market. The research and design team is dedicated to pushing the envelope and finding the most reliable submersible lighting system. Designing state-of-the-art dockscapes is their passion. The company has launched a new, user-friendly website to share their latest products and design ideas. Customers who visit will find that the company is committed to innovation. Unlike most businesses in the dock lighting industry, Underwater Green Fishing Lights will take the time to evaluate the different variables of the particular location where the lights will be used before recommending a lighting system. Once a lighting system is decided upon, their team takes care of the installation if the client lives along the Texas or Louisiana Gulf Coast. If you don’t happen to reside in this area, the company offers free shipping for orders over $300. For the average do-it-yourselfer, Underwater Green Fishing Lights systems come with detailed installation instructions. Most customers find installation to be quick and easy. The company also provides online installation videos and service representatives who can provide customer support. With a customer-focused attention to detail, Underwater Green Fishing Lights sets the bar high and strives each day to offer their customers the highest quality dockscapes and fishing lights at affordable prices.

If you don’t own a home on the water, Underwater Green Fishing Lights has many products to serve your night fishing needs. They have the new, Radar Drop Light, the brightest LED portable, submersible light on the market. They are popular with both the professional and the novice angler. The Radar makes a perfect gift for the angler in your life and provides flexibility and mobility. Underwater Green Fishing Lights have designed the Radar to blow any competition out of the water. Their portable drop light provides 15,000 LED lumens. Other companies’ products aren’t even in the same ballpark. Another popular portable product Underwater Green Fishing Lights offers is Gigen’ Sticks. Through much research and design UWGFL has perfected this product. The customer reaps the benefits of the company’s commitment to strive to offer the best and the brightest light on the market. If you want the best of the best in night fishing lights, Underwater Green Fishing Lights has the portable light for you.

Once a client purchases their lighting system, Underwater Green Fishing Lights can be counted on for product support and service. Each lighting system designed and built by Underwater Green Fishing Lights comes with a three year limited warranty. This provides their customers with peace of mind and confidence in their purchase. Their highly qualified team of technicians and service representatives are dedicated to making sure they meet the clients’ needs. The company stands by their work with a 30 day money back guarantee. With this commitment, Underwater Green Fishing Lights receives many positive customer comments, ratings and feedback via social media. Clients can follow the company on Facebook and Instagram to gather dockscape ideas, share their own photos and testimonials, and learn about the latest technology in underwater and overwater lighting.

Even though many customers purchase underwater green lights specifically to catch more fish, many clients of Underwater Green Fishing Lights report that the best result from their purchase has been spending quality time with family and friends. Mike Newman, a Tiki Island, Texas bay home owner, reports that his UWGFL lights, “bring the kids to the water and create an experience that is fun for all.” With the temperatures dropping, Underwater Green Fishing Lights is offering great discounts. Don’t miss out on these offers or the fun!