Doctor Says Men Should Fish As Much As Possible!


A recent study conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom found out what anglers already knew. Men who fish for fun have better mental health.

The study was conducted by researchers in the United Kingdom who polled 1,752 men via a questionnaire. Respondents were questioned about the frequency and length of their fishing trips as well as other factors including exercise, overall well-being, demographics and their mental health history.

The study found that participants who fish regularly were 17 percent less likely to report diagnoses of various symptoms of serious mental illness. It also found that men who fish regularly score higher on a test of mental well-being and suffer fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Titled “Mental Health and Recreational Angling in UK Adult Males: A Cross-Sectional Study,” the findings were published in the journal epidemiologia in July. The study was conducted by researchers at Ulster University, Queen’s University Belfast and Anglia Ruskin University.

One of the researchers, Dr. Mike Trott, told Fox News Digital that they were not surprised to learn that fishing has positive benefits for mental health, but they were a little surprised to find out that the more a man fishes, the better these benefits are.

Dr. Trott is a hero. He recommended men go fishing as much as possible for the mental health benefits.
There you have it: you should go fishing as much as possible, doctor’s orders!

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