Doubling Down: How to Catch More Squid

Vary the color and size of your jigs to hone in on the bite.

With all the squid invading Boston Harbor lately, and plenty of spots to go, what’s keeping you from giving it a try? First of all, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on equipment to successfully jig for squid. A medium rod with 10 to 20 lb. test line will do the trick. Secondly, getting to the squid grounds is only a short drive to the nearest pier. On your way be sure to swing by your local tackle shop to get the low down and pick up a few different jigs.

Now let’s face it, whether you’re catching squid for bait or to eat, everyone wants to leave the dock with a full bucket. So what’s the best way to increase your chances of turning a good night into a great night? Doubleup by adding another jig to your line.

Start by rigging two dropper loops onto the main line about 18 inches apart. Then cut one end of the loop close to the knot to make a dropper line. Tie a swivel to one end and a 1/4 oz. sinker on the other.

After the line is rigged, all you have to do is attach your squid jigs to each dropper line. It usually helps to try jigs in different colors and styles to up your chances and determine what the squid are honed in on that night.

There you have it anglers, an easy way to increase your chances of doubling your catch. Now go get inked anglers!