Drake Bay Fishing Forecast for November and December

Drake Bay Fishing Forecast for November and December

As we enter November and December in Drake Bay and the Cano Island area, the rain will begin to subside and the ocean starts to calm down.  The water temperature is still a bit on the cool side which is always good for the Marlin bite.  In our area we see predominantly Blue Marlin, but the Black and Striped Marlin show up occasionally as well. For those anglers who are feeling fit and want a battle, catching and releasing a Marlin is the ultimate thrill.  We are passionate about catch and release for all billfish and Roosterfish, this ensures future generations will also enjoy our magnificent fishery.  For those who would like to mount a trophy, our friends at Gray Taxidermy can create a beautiful and realistic replica for you. Speaking of billfish, we expect the Sailfish to show up right around Christmas and steadily increase in numbers through the end of April.

Although the Mahi Mahi, Dolphin fish (depending on where you are from) have been somewhat scarce recently, there is some good news.  The increased regulations on the commercial fishermen have slowly been increasing the population of these beautiful and delicious fish.  It’s always a treat and a ton of fun when Mahis are around Cano Island and we can quickly catch some dinner.

Drake Bay Fishing Forecast

In our area of the country, we are fortunate to have great year-round fishing for Roosterfish, Snapper, Grouper, Pompano and a variety of other bottom fish.

We hope to see you soon in Drake Bay where there are more fish than people.

Until next time, tight lines…

Captain Willy Atencio
Reel Escape