By Captain Willy Atencio

Greetings from Drake Bay, your “off the beaten path” destination for incredible fishing in Costa Rica. I have been fortunate enough to fish in some great locations around the world, including the east coast of the USA, the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. People often ask why I decided to make the little village of Drake Bay my permanent home. The simple answer is that it’s the most diverse, beautiful and best fishing area I have ever experienced.

Equally important, I wanted to live in the “real Costa Rica”, not a place with big hotels, marinas, casinos and crowds. The one thing we lack is concrete so there is more lush jungle and wildlife than cars. Most importantly as I make my living on the water, there is no fishing pressure.

As we close out the rainy season and head toward the holidays, the fishing gets better every day. This is primarily because as the rains subside, the water clears and the fish return to their normal habitat.

One leftover from the rainy season we really enjoy is a nice defined “weed line”.  This line, which is held together by currents, consists of many things including tree limbs and palm fronds. Small fish and bait fish feed and hide underneath this structure.

Mahi Mahi or dorado voraciously hunt along these lines and a well positioned bait or lure will often produce a bunch of fish. Mahi is not only delicious to eat, but a blast to catch as they leap and twist out of the water. Closer to the shore the big roosterfish, grouper and snapper return to the numerous reefs and rocks around Cano Island. This time of year the big Pelagics like sailfish and marlin return to our waters offshore. My personal favorite, catching big yellowfin tuna on top-water bait remains strong year round.

We have two boats to choose from for all budgets and we welcome all fishermen from children to professionals. Check out Trip Advisor as we remain the #1 tour for Drake Bay.

Until Next Time, Tight Lines !


The Captain of Fish Drake Bay, Willy Atencio is a native of the local area. Fish Drake Bay is the premier sport fishing charter service in Drake Bay, the surrounding Osa peninsula and Corcovado National Park. Captain Willy is considered one of the best Captains in Costa Rica with over 20 years experience. Willy has captained sport fishing yachts ranging from 31-47 feet in the USA, Caribbean and Costa Rica. He has also fished in numerous big game fishing tournaments including the Offshore World Championships for 5 consecutive years. Contact Willy at info@fishdrakebay.com