Dungeness Crab

Most crab that we buy in the store is already cooked. You can serve them cold or hot. I prefer hot with drawn butter. This means the butter has separated from the butter fat. I also like to use Old Bay for seasoning. It is something we have used here for most of our lives and we don’t do a lot of crabs without it. Today I’m making Dungeness crab. They are sweeter than snow crab and I think they have more meat. This recipe is as simple as it gets.


2 pounds Dungeness crab
1 stick butter
1 lemon
1 tablespoon Old Bay seasoning


Place crabs in a large pot with about an inch of water–add old bay. When the water comes to a boil, cover and steam about 8 minutes. If you prefer, you can use a steamer basket. Don’t overcook or the meat will stick to the shell.
Melt butter on low in a small pot–you will see the fat go to the bottom.
Roll the lemon on the counter to make it juicier
Pull crabs out when done, put them on a plate, put the butter in a bowl, slice lemon in 1/2. Grab another bowl for the shells and dig in.