Early Summer Fishing

By David Hulsey

June in the Blue Ridge Mountains can be a great time to hit the water! The weather and water levels are usually more stable than in the transition time of spring. The water temperatures haven’t got too critically high yet, even in the lower elevation trout streams. Trout feeding activity will begin shifting to more early and late-day snack time. Fly hatches of light colored and yellow Mayflies, Caddis, and Stoneflies will be main aquatic insects riding the surface of your local river. Light Cahill size 12, Tan or Yellow Elk Hair Caddis size 14, and Yellow Stimulators size 12 will excite a few fish enough to make your day interesting. Terrestrial insects will be getting more important to the trout’s diet by the day. Tan Foam Hoppers in size 10, Black Beetles in size 12, Green Inch Worms in size 12, and Black Ants in size 16 should produce fish anywhere there is an overhanging brush or grass above the river. Careful presentation of terrestrial patterns on the water need not be delicate, a good plop is usually better. Some fish get tuned in to hearing the dinner bell and will search out, or instantly clobber, a big fat bug hitting the water.

Early summer is a good time for a tune-up before you head west for that lifetime trout trip! Being able to cast into the wind and getting some good distance on your cast can be the difference between a great time and a pile of frustration. We love teaching fly casting to beginners and advanced casters alike. An inexpensive hour or two can really be helpful when the pressure is on. Being able to double haul and knowing a few wind casts can keep you in the game all day long. Fishing from a drift boat is also a lot different than wading. Most trips to the big western rivers will include a day of floating to reach the best areas. If you’ve never fished from a drift boat before we can help there too! A short half-day float can get you ready for your fishing vacation. We’re on the water every day and would be glad to set up a customized trip just for you. Check out our website for a variety of trips and classes that can expand your knowledge of fly fishing and turn up the fun factor!

Give David Hulsey a call at (770) 639-4001 to book a class or a guided trout trip. See his website at www.hulseyflyfishing.com.