What Everyone’s Saying About U.S. Power Squadrons—America’s Boating Club

Whether you are a first-time boater taking a class to learn the basics or a long-time liveaboard looking for a community of likeminded souls, you’ll find a place in the United States Power Squadrons – America’s Boating Club.

The joy of boating is shared by everyone involved in the country’s largest nonprofit boating organization. America’s Boating Club has built its membership up to over 27,000 by offering classes For Boaters, By Boaters with the understanding that people join the organization for the education, but stay for the friends. Nothing captures this feeling better than the words of the members themselves. Here’s what a few have to say:

“My husband, Matt, spent a lot of time in squadron classes and doing homework; I thought he was just hanging out with his buddies. While vacationing in the Florida Keys, we chartered a boat to go cruising and snorkeling, but I was a little scared. How do we know how to get to the reef? How do we get back? How deep is this water? How do we know where we are? My husband answered all of my questions, and I felt safe and comfortable knowing that he knew what he was doing. I still think he enjoys hanging out with his class buddies, but I’m glad he took the courses and I can’t wait until our next boating adventure!” – Debbie Murphy

“My boys, ages 11 and 12 at the time, and my wife became enamored with boating after a vacation at New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee in 1964, and we ended up buying an 18-foot lapstrake wooden boat with a 95-horsepower motor. I signed up to take courses from New Jersey’s Saddle River Power Squadron. I knew nothing about boating, and I had heard that United States Power Squadrons – America’s Boating Club was the way to learn. Over the years, the squadron and the boat became a way of life. Thank you for 37 great boating years.” – Arnold Bucksbaum

“As a child of two long-time members, I regularly participated in boating safety instruction as well as rescues and other safety-related activities during the boating season. I first learned to read and write by keeping the log while cruising the Chesapeake Bay with my family. I learned to tie knots, make the vessel fast to the pier, and even lower and raise the anchor while still a pre-teen. I have been active in United States Power Squadrons – America’s Boating Club since I became a squadron apprentice at 13. I taught my first class, Marine Electronics, at 14. Through the years, I’ve taught the Boating course, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Weather, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics and Coastal Navigation.” – Dwight Bues

“My wife and I lived on our 42-foot Tayana Cutter for four years, sailing over 20,000 miles. We give our squadron all the credit for giving us all the tools to live our dream.” — Charles and Marianne Schuler

See what everyone is talking about, visit www.americasboatingclub.org to find your local squadron and make experiences to last a lifetime.


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