Expanding Horizons By: Paul Presson

This was a big day for the kids. They came from different starting points and all heading to the same destination–Clearwater Marina. For most, this would be their first fishing trip. For many, their first time seeing the Gulf of Mexico. As the groups arrived to the marina, they headed straight for the fishing boat kiosk. During the wait, many of the kids marveled over pelicans, needle fish and others sights very foreign to them. The excitement continued to build as more groups appeared. This was an adventure to remember. A half day fishing trip on the Double Eagle deep sea fishing boat.

When everyone was accounted for, the leaders, sponsors, chaperones and participants, 35 in all, boarded the vessel. The group was situated on the lower deck. Once the boat was underway, the mates explained safety procedures and the do’s and don’ts of deep-sea fishing. The grill was open and the smell of hamburgers filled the air. Many of the kids huddled by the food, while others explored the boat. There was an observation deck to take advantage of the beautiful oceanic scenery.

The captain’s voice blared over the loud speakers. They had reached the first destination–it was time to fish. Rods and reels at the ready, baits were sent to the bottom. It didn’t take long and “fish on”, a nice sized grunt. Whether it was a grunt, pogy or even a blowfish, these new anglers were ecstatic. Stop after stop, the pile of fish gained size. Worries were forgotten, at least for a while during this adventure. Bets could be heard about who was going to taste test the bait. After numerous stops, the captain once again bellowed “pull em up”, they were heading home.

As the boat headed back to the marina, the captain had a special treat. He gave each person an opportunity to come to the helm and watch the operation. As with any other fishing trip, the kids were absolutely beat on the way in. The mission had been accomplished; a group of seafaring anglers returned to the marina. Their bounty was just enough for some delicious fish tacos to be enjoyed later.

This trip was made possible through the efforts of Take a Kid Fishing Inc.  Their mission is to enhance the lives of underprivileged and fatherless kids through mentoring and by taking them on fishing excursions that are geared and dedicated to them. On these excursions, we educate the kids by teaching them life skills and responsibility inside and outside of the classroom. Once they grasp the concept of fishing, it enables them to learn patience, teamwork and how to relax and not make harsh and rash decisions. Fishing also teaches them to support each other whether they win or lose (catch a fish or not).

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William Dunn

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