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Mini Slammer Circle hook rig

Squidnation just came out with the Mini Slammer lure, which is a new mini chugger made for using with circle hook on a ballyhoo combo. The advantage of this mini chugger lure is the size of the head vs. the standard chugger, which allows for better hooking ratio when it comes to billfish and other pelagics. Squidnation’s owner Bill Pino tested his new lure with enormous success in tournament boats around the world.

Ballyhoo Slammer rig items:

– Inline circle hook 7/0 or 8/0

– 60lb or 80lb monofilament leader, fluorocarbon or regular

– Slammer chugger

– 4 x 6mm soft glow bead from Pucci or #4 from Owner

– Small rubber ring from Bluewater tackle

– Fresh ballyhoo

– 30lb wax floss, flat or round

– Sewing needle

– Light copper wire

Elías Rodriguez

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