Extreme Kayak-Fishing 

Say yes to fun, sun, and adventure, doing Extreme Kayak-Fishing!  Says Aron Abel, the founder of Island Kayak Sailing Adventures (IKSA).  Kayak-fishing is the next big thing for sport adventure enthusiasts.  You won’t be disappointed!

Saltwater fishing on a kayak is no easy task, but for those who enjoy a challenge and an adrenaline rush this adventure is for you.  It’s called extreme kayaking fishing because you are close to the water, tight in the kayak, feeling the wind and current, intimately connected to the fish with rod & reel.

Choose between booking inshore or offshore charters.  Inshore expect to catch bonefish, snapper, barracuda, tarpon, and horse-eye jacks.  If your spirit of adventure is up to the challenge of offshore pelagics, then hooking tight to wahoo, tuna, and mahi on a kayak will satisfy your adrenaline rush.  It is the closest sporting thing to a fair fight.

Now don’t bite off more than you can chew! Having a working knowledge of saltwater, fishing, tackle, and techniques is helpful; key to having a safe and successful adventure.  Aron is highly skilled in all kayak fishing areas.  He was born and raised on St. Croix and is proficient in all local thing’s watersports and fishing.

Aron is an accomplished fisherman on shoreline and offshore.  He knows about bait, tides, habitat, and ensuring that you have a great time during your adventure.

Early mornings are optimum for both inshore and offshore fishing.  The Frederiksted pier presents productive opportunities for evening fishing.  Fish Christiansted or Frederiksted in areas that are not accessible with conventional boats, but accessible with kayak.

If you’re up to the challenge, then it’s time to say yes to fun, sun, adventure doing Extreme Kayak-Fishing!  You will return enthusiastic and energized.  Book Today!  We look forward to showing you our beautiful St. Croix in an unforgettable customized experience.

— Island Kayak Sailing Adventures (IKSA)

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