EZ Kayak Launch by EZ Dock

A day on the water can be made even more enjoyable by launching and docking from EZ Dock’s EZ Kayak Launch.  With superior stability, you simply push off and dock using your paddle. V-shaped paddle notches make launching and docking easy as you glide into the water while staying dry. The one-piece construction offers you strength and security while adapting to changing water levels and conditions. The EZ Kayak Launch will accommodate both single and tandem kayaks, as well as, some canoes. You can order the EZ Kayak Launch in grey or beige. Accessories like entry handles and skid bunks make docking even easier. You can easily connect the EZ Kayak Launch to existing docks or expand your staging area with other EZ Dock products. Maintenance free and barefoot friendly.

Specifications: 58.5” W x 168” L x 25” H   325 pounds

For more information contact EZ Dock 813-917-0331 ezdocktampa.com