Fall Bass Fishing

by Jay Striker

Fishing in the fall can be some of the most enjoyable times of the year for catching bass. When I’m heading to the lake in the fall, there are a few things I consider that help me increase my chances of catching fish. The first thing I want to know is what is the water temperature? Next, I try to locate the last bit of grass that is left in the lake, and finally making sure I have the right baits this time of year. Many may wonder why these three things are important. Well, there may not be a cut and clear reason, however, for me and the regions I fish, they usually work well for me and here’s why.
Water temperature and where to fish: Water temperature affects the entire biological system in any body of water. When the water temperature drops in the lakes and reservoirs, this becomes a trigger for the bass to start getting ready for the long winter ahead. There is a basic rule of thumb I use in order to catch fish. It is a combination of knowing the water temperature and knowing general bass locations. When the water temperature drops to the mid 80’s, it’s time to look for coves and tributaries, and I only fish just a third way into the pockets. When the water temp hits 70 to 60’s, I focus on the secondary points and channel swings, 60-50’s hit the flats in the back of coves that have a creek running from the back of it, and 50’s to the mid 40’s focus on stumps fields, ditches and shallow areas close to some type of deep access route.
Grass is your friend in the fall: When fishing in the fall, find any bit of grass left. Bass use grass year round no matter the season. Find grass on deeper points leading into pockets and it will allow you to pick up a few bass. The reason that vegetation is so important to bass is because it is a primary part of their life support. Bass need three things; food, shelter, and oxygen that comes from vegetation when it is present. I have seen fish stack up on a patch of the last vegetation near a channel break and loaded the boat pretty quickly. So find some grass in the fall, fish it and hang on.
Using the right baits in the fall: There is one simple thing you need to know in the fall when it comes to bass fishing; bass are feeding and feeding a lot. On the deck of my boat I have four main baits tied on at all times; a spinnerbait, deep crankbait, and topwater bait and a jerk bait. Every one of the baits allows me to cover a lot of water, and that is what you need to do in the fall because the fish can at times be hard to find. However, when you do locate the fish, you will most likely be around a lot of them. So use your baits and cover water and know that the fish are in schools and you only need one fish to activate a feeding frenzy.
Fall is one of the best times to bass fish. If you keep an eye on the water temperature, find some vegetation and use some of the right baits, you might just find some of the best fishing of the year.
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