Fall On The Horizon

By Karl Ekberg

Summertime heat has definitely been upon us for quite some time now, and we are all ready for the reprieve of the fall temperatures. Fishing for trout of late has been minimal through late August, with the water temperatures quite high. On the other side, the Red-Eyed Bass & Panfish have made for great days of fishing. The top water bite has been great from mid-morning throughout the day. As the top water bite seems to subside, the use of streams has been the delight to the angler continuing to catch fish.

The extended look into the forecast for September is below average temperatures, which we will all take after the summer heat. On the same outlook for September, forecasts are for below average rainfall. As we look forward to the cooler temperatures of the fall season, we will start to see the emergence of the first of the “fall bugs”. These bugs will start to appear, as the water temperatures start to drop. The rocks in the rivers are loaded with very small dark nymphs as well. Try swinging a heavy nymph, with a smaller nymph dropper, through the riffle areas of the river and into the heads of the pools. Deeper runs will also produce fish, as temperatures heat up, the fish can still seek thermal refuge. As daytime temperatures heat up, the fish will move further into the depths of the rivers, so getting a bit deeper with a heavier front fly, or a pinch of split shot, will help greatly.

Streamers are equally productive, and will continue as well, through the fall season. With the heat of the summer behind us, a good amount of water in the rivers, and cooler temperatures, the fall fishing here looks to be excellent for another year.

Let’s remember, we can all help in keeping our rivers clean, by picking up what someone else left behind, makes for a cleaner watershed for our next visit. As we leave no trace, we look forward to seeing everyone out on the rivers!

Karl and Karen Ekberg are Co-Owners of Chattooga River Fly Shop, located at 6832A Highlands Hwy, in Mountain Rest, SC 29664. Give them a call at (864) 638-2806 or look them up on the web at chattoogariverflyshop.com.