Finding The Right Kayak

Photo courtesy of Gator Dave HarperKayak Fishing

Finding The Right Kayak
CAM Staff
You’ve decided. It is time to take the plunge, buy a kayak and learn how to paddle. You’ve got some basic options to consider. You can go to the Mega Mart and buy something that looks good or you can do some research and make an informed decision.
If the second route is the one you take, here are some suggestions that should make the hunt easier and increase the chances of finding an excellent boat that is a great fit. As you proceed with some or all of these steps, you need to be honest with the folks you talk to. You are a beginner. You know little or nothing. They won’t laugh or sneer. They want you to buy stuff, but they also want you to join the tribe.

First step should be to go to the next kayak show or festival in your area. Dealers will be set up and proudly displaying their wares. Walk around, talk, look and ask questions. You will have more information to digest than you can imagine.
At the show, find an instructor and take a lesson or two. This will teach you not only the basics of paddling but also the basic vocabulary of the sport.
Next, go to demo days the local shops hold. Armed with your lessons, you will at least know how to get in, paddle around and get out. If you find the kayak that seems like your fit, see what discounts they offer that day and buy it.
Finally, get out and enjoy your new pastime.

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