FireDisc Cookers



FireDisc Cookers are the ultimate portable propane cookers, not ordinary backyard grills. They not only barbecue, they bake, blacken, boil, broil, cook, deep fry, grill, scramble, sauté, sear, steam and cook up mouth-watering, restaurant-quality delicacies ranging from steak and burgers to gumbo, fajitas and paella.

The FireDisc seasons like a cast iron skillet. With 36- and 24-inch-high models, FireDisc Cookers are the Rolls Royce of cookers. Unique design attributes, unmatched durability, portability and endless cooking options will delight any grillmaster.

Every FireDisc Cooker has passed a quality-assurance boot camp, ensuring unmatched performance and durability. The cookers are made of heavy-duty steel and powder coated, which makes them both bulletproof and rust resistant once seasoned.

Durability, versatility and portability already set the FireDisc apart, and so do numerous design attributes that allow it to perform like no other cooker. Kitchen-counter height and a flexible stand allow the cook to stand tall, even on uneven outdoor surfaces. FireDisc Cookers are also uniquely designed with three surface sectors yielding high, medium and low temperatures and a three-setting LP regulator for customized cooking.

Clean up is a breeze. Spray your FireDisc off with a hose, dry it, oil it and forget about it. With its portable design and no nuts, bolts or screws to lose, it can be stored flat or transported in a space as small as a car trunk.

FireDisc Cookers have been ruthlessly vetted by some of the world’s leading chefs. Visit their website to see the product line, accessories or more information.


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