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A Lesson Learned

There is a lesson to be learned. Shortly before he vaulted to stardom on the largemouth bass tournament trail countless years ago, Rick Clunn discovered that he spent so much time searching for magical techniques and secret lures that he almost lost sight of the basics.

When he paused to reflect, he realized there were no cure-alls or panaceas that applied to any type of fishing. The answer centered on a more simplified approach.

It suddenly became apparent that almost all bass tournaments were won by somebody who used a spinnerbait, plastic worm or a crankbait. It didn’t matter where the contest was held, who fished it and won, or what time of year it happened to be.

Armed with that valuable bit of information, Rick decided to change his own fishing style and substitute simplicity for the complex techniques he clung to in the past. It occurred to him that if he learned to fish these basic lures with equal skill, he should be able to catch fish anywhere.

Some of us have a tendency to insist on making fishing much more complicated than it actually is. If fish were that hard to catch, few of us would ever be successful.

Impatience and lack of confidence force many anglers to search frantically for solutions that just don’t exist. These fishermen would do better if they learned one or two techniques thoroughly. Certainly, there will be times when their basic method does not produce, but over the long run they will catch more fish.

My late father never heard of Rick Clunn, nor did he ever fish competitively for anything. Over many years, he fished for countless species in freshwater and salt, always limiting his approach to a few basic lures or some simple bait. When he finally retired and moved to Florida, his lure of choice was a small, yellow bucktail which he could fish better than anyone I ever met. His tackle box became the two side pockets on his jacket. A handful of bucktails were in his right-hand pocket and some leader material in his left pocket.

There’s one other facet to Dad’s thinking worth following. He always insisted that the law of averages held the key to success. Those who insist on specializing on a particular species of fish or seek one of an extra large size are missing out on a lot of fun. All you have to do is keep casting and catching. The law of averages will eventually produce trophy fish for you as well as species that seem important.

If you’ve been seeking a way to catch more fish on every outing, try this simplified approach that worked for Rick Clunn and my father. Many of the leading anglers of our time depend on it, and it just might turn the trick for you.

By Mark Sosin

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